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A Ticket to Cinematography

Grab your ticket with Teja Lisjak and explore a cinematic journey around Portugal with the FX30 camera.

 Teja Lisjak holding her Sony FX30 with 18-105mm lens
Teja Lisjak holding her Sony FX30 with 18-105mm lens

Sony Alpha Universe, A Ticket to Cinematography, Teja Lisjak

What is the story behind this film?

In my short film, I take viewers on a cinematic journey through the vibrant streets of Lisbon and the calm landscapes of the Algarve coast. Using the FX30, I highlight my favourite features this camera has to offer, and share how it enables me to travel and connect with people around the world.

What were your first impressions shooting with the FX30?

The camera’s body stood out the most. It includes a selection of tripod-style holes, which are ideal for mounting accessories or rigging up the camera. I also love that it has 26 megapixels for stills, which is actually higher resolution than what I typically shoot with on my Sony Alpha 7S III, allowing me to get great quality in both photos and videos.



 Teja Lisjak standing in a street with her Sony FX30
Teja Lisjak standing in a street with her Sony FX30

What is your favourite camera feature and why?

Without a doubt, it's the ability to upload custom LUTs directly to the footage, with the flexibility to either film with that specific look or simply preview it. I normally overlay a LUT when I start editing to visualise the potential look of my footage and make the editing process more visually fun. Having that feature makes the entire filming more enjoyable, especially since I love colours and the grading process.

Close-up of a Sony FX30 flip-out screen
Close-up of a Sony FX30 flip-out screen

You used several Sony lenses on the film – which one was your favourite?

The 35mm f/1.4 GM was amazing in low-light situations, and the PZ 10-20mm f/4 G allowed me to get really creative shots (mounting the tripod on my waist using a belt). But the 18-105mm f/4 G OSS is my favourite. Especially when I'm travelling, I lean towards a lens that's both super handy and versatile, enabling me to capture everything from wide shots to close-ups. Changing the lenses constantly isn't efficient, and you might even miss some special moments.

Sony FX30 with 18-105mm lens attached
Sony FX30 with 18-105mm lens attached © Gareth Davies

What was your favourite scene to shoot and why?

The scenes I enjoyed shooting the most were when we used a suction cup to mount the camera on various parts of the car, like the windshield. To ensure we got the right exposure and framing, we also connected it with the Sony Imaging app. Having such a light and compact camera definitely helps when it comes to achieving shots you normally wouldn’t, and let's just say - we got quite a few looks while filming those shots!

 Teja Lisjak holding her sony fx30 with 18-105 lens
Teja Lisjak attaching her Sony FX30 to a car window © Gareth Davies

Any final thoughts?

The FX30 is amazing, especially for those looking to start their cinematography journey, or need the perfect b-camera. The advantages of an APS-C sensor mean you can get great lenses and a variety of options at an affordable price. I also shoot a lot of short-form content and having that in my smaller camera bag as a go-to kit is great. However, always keep in mind - while your equipment helps bring your vision to life, it's the story that gives meaning to your visuals and leaves a lasting impression.

Featured equipment

  • Featured equipment    

  • Sony FX30

  • FE 35mm f/1.4 GM

  • E 10-20mm f/4 G

  • E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS

  • ECM-B10


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