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2023 Winners

Chosen from the 30 shortlisted filmmakers, we announce the six category winners for Filmmaker Fiction; Filmmaker Non-Fiction; Filmmaker Environment; Student Filmmaker Fiction; Student Filmmaker Non-Fiction; and Future Format. Alongside attending a three-day program and awards ceremony at the Sony Pictures Studio lot in Culver City, California, the six winners receive a range of cash prizes and Sony camera equipment. Discover the trailers below


Filmmaker - Fiction

Dan Thorburn (UK)

Salt Water Town

With the threat of closure looming over a failing caravan park, the owner and his son clash over their future, with tragic consequences.

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Filmmaker - Non-Fiction

Daniela Lucato (Italy)

The Things You Don’t Know About Me, Mom

A survivor of the Pinochet regime in Chile imagines telling her mother all the things that she didn’t want to know.

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Filmmaker - Environment

Pedro Furtado (Brazil)

The Good Dolphins

Fishermen in Brazil fight to save a pod of dolphins who have helped them catch fish across generations.

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Student Filmmaker - Fiction

Mateo Salas (Colombia, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia)

The Sun of the River

A family’s journey takes a troubling turn when they are stopped by a group of paramilitaries.

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Student Filmmaker - Non-Fiction

Seonghoon Eric Park (Republic of Korea, Boston University, USA)

In Cod We Trust

A film probing the endangered fishing trade in the New England town of Gloucester, home to one of the oldest and largest fishing communities in the United States.

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Future Format

Pan Tianhong (China Mainland)

Homework for Winter Vacation

A child making sweet dumplings in preparation for the Chinese New Year completes his task in a very creative manner.

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