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Our standout shorts of 2022

With January and 2023 now in full flow, we’ve put together six exciting and inspirational films from 2022 that have caught our eye. From the political to the post-apocalyptic to what’s been left out of the history books, start your year with these creative short films. 

The Black Cop 
Directed by Cherish Oteka 
This absorbing, multi-layered, docu-drama tells the story of Gamal 'G' Turawa, who was a Metropolitan police officer in the early 1990s. Reflecting on his childhood and career, Turawa shares his memories of racism and homophobia, revealing the private world of policing in recent British history. Garnering much public acclaim, The Black Cop was the winner of the British Short Film category in the 2022 BAFTAs.  

Night of the Living Dread
Ida Melum
Focusing on a problem many of us can relate to, Melum’s animated short explores the frustrations of not being able to get to sleep. As the insomnia-suffering protagonist is confronted with ghosts of her past, this BAFA-nominated 11-minute film cleverly balances between horror and comedy as well as pointing to our reliance on technology.   

The Long Goodbye 
Riz Ahmed and Aneil Karia
Winner of the Best Live Action Short at the 2022 Oscars, this powerful 12-minute film follows members of a south Asian family and how they become victims of a terrifying right-wing riot that escalates to fatal heights. The film features music from Ahmed’s 2021 album (of the same name) adding to the film’s ever-growing tension. Some viewers might find this film upsetting. 

Nuhash Humayun 
Based in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by vampires, we follow two sisters from Dhaka as they battle to survive. This clever psychological horror is longer than most spooky shorts, but from the first frame of this 22-minute film will have you on tenterhooks. 

The Martha Mitchell Effect
Anne Alvergue and Debra McClutchy 
This fascinating archival documentary tells the story of Republican socialite Martha Mitchell – nicknamed ‘Martha the Mouth’ – and the instrumental role she played in exposing the Watergate scandal. Putting a forgotten figure in the spotlight, at 40 minutes it’s the longest short in our round-up and can be watched on Netflix. 

Haulout: Melting Sea Ice Pushes Walruses to the Brink 
Maxim Arbugaev and Evgenia Arbugaeva
Screened on The New Yorker’s YouTube channel, this 25-minute environment-focused film documents a solitary scientist and their findings on how global warming has impacted the walrus migration. Created by brother and sister Maxim Arbugaev and Evgenia Arbugaeva, the latter of who is an award-winning photographer, this cinematic film is a compelling look at nature in plight.  

Make sure you mark your calendars as we’ll be releasing the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards 2023 shortlist on 26th January.