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Open for entries!

It’s an exciting day at Creo as the second edition of the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards is now open for submissions. There are six categories filmmakers can participate in – yes, you can submit across more than one category, but be sure to check the rules and each category's criteria before entering! New elements for this year’s edition include the Animation category. Introduced to embrace filmmakers using stop-motion, motion graphics, computer animation, drawn-on-film, rotoscoping and experimental animation (plus all of the other animation techniques available), entries to this brand new category can be between 2 to 20 minutes in length. 

Another development for the 2024 Awards is extending the prize experience to be a four-day event. The additional day will give filmmakers even more opportunities to get the most out of their time at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California. The workshops will again be led by Sony Pictures executives, all leading voices within their field of expertise, and cover many different aspects of the inner workings of the film industry such as casting; physical production; animation; legal; CGI; innovation at Sony; pitching process; sound and music mixing; post-production and talent agencies. Screenings of all 30 shortlisted films and discussions will be included, as well as studio tours and demos. 

The program has been designed by Creo and Sony to give filmmakers an unforgettable and exclusive prize. Speaking about his time at the Sony Pictures studio lot, one of last year’s winners Dan Thorburn says: ‘Spending time with such a diverse and talented group of filmmakers from around the world really opened my eyes to the importance of telling unique and personal stories. I learned that very simple stories have huge merit when told from an authentic and deeply intimate place.’ 

Non-Fiction category Daniela Lucato says: ‘It was my first time in Los Angeles and I loved the experience in Culver City, especially discovering Sony Pictures Studios – I was stunned! It was a huge adventure for all of us. I think it was a magic place and I felt part of it like it was a place I couldn’t miss. I felt it happened to me at the right time. I'm really grateful for this opportunity!’

Pedro Furtado, winner of the 2023 Environment category says: ‘Since visiting Sony Pictures Studios, I've been actively observing other people's work, exploring different styles, and incorporating these newfound learnings into my own projects. It's amazing how much inspiration can be found by immersing oneself in the creative endeavors of others. By incorporating these fresh perspectives, my own work has become richer and more dynamic.’

Alongside the competition launch date being earlier this year, the deadline for submissions has also been changed to February 15, giving you more time to prepare your submissions. Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2024 Jury, which we’ll be revealing in October, and make sure you keep up-to-date with our latest news by checking out this news section of our website, our social media channels and subscribing to our newsletter.