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Who can enter the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards?


To enter any of the three competitions you must hold the ownership rights and/or have the permission of the rights holder to the film you are submitting. The two-day workshop program at the Sony studio lot in Culver City, California is aimed at Directors.

How many people who worked on the film will receive the prize?


The filmmaker who has entered the competition will receive all the prize elements. The person who enters the film into the competition must hold the ownership rights and/or have the permission of the rights holder to the film being submitted. 


What is the submission fee? 


Entry is free for everyone.


Can I enter more than one film into the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards? 


You can enter one film per competition and enter all three competitions. If you do enter each competition, the film you enter into each competition must be different. 


I created a film three or more years ago, can I enter it into the Awards? 


No. Films must be created in the last two years.


Can I change my entry after submission? 


No. Once you have selected to ‘submit’ your film into a specified category, you will not be able to change it. 


Can I enter the Student Filmmaker competition if I’ve already graduated? 


You can enter the competition that is currently open when you graduate. For example, if you graduate in the summer of 2022 you can enter the 2023 Awards currently open. 


Who can enter the Student Filmmaker competition? 


You should be studying at, or have graduated in 2022 from, an institution,  that teaches higher education filmmaking and enrolled in a filmmaking element/module


When and where will the announcements be posted?


The principal announcements can be found on the Awards' timeline on the homepage. Whenever details of a new announcement are revealed they’ll be posted on the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards social media channels and website. The shortlist will be announced online and the Winners will be announced at the ceremony in Los Angeles.


I'm under 18 years old, can I still apply?


If you are under 18, you can enter the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards but you must have your parent’s or legal guardian’s consent to participate.

Are works-in-progress eligible for submission? 


All submissions must be finished works. 

Do you accept works submitted to previous editions of the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards?


Works entered to previous editions of the Sony Future Filmmaker Awards can't be entered unless it's been significantly edited. Works for the 2024 Awards must have been created in 2022 or 2023.  

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